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Mazda Chatel is delighted to extend a warm welcome to you on our brand new website, where you will discover our extensive selection of new vehicle models, as well as an impressive inventory of pre-owned vehicles.

Our history is deeply rooted in the heart of Quebec City, and we have always held fundamental values that guide each of our actions close to our hearts. At Mazda Chatel, we firmly believe in the value of joy in our work, as it is reflected in the quality of our services. Integrity is at the core of our business, as we are committed to being transparent, honest, and trustworthy in all our interactions. We also believe in balance, as we understand the importance of maintaining harmony between our employees' work and personal lives, which translates to better service for our customers.

But what truly sets us apart is our dedication to our customers and our community. We don't just sell cars; we build long-lasting relationships with people. Our dedicated team is here to meet your needs, provide guidance, and accompany you throughout your automotive journey. Furthermore, we strive to play an active role in our community by supporting local initiatives and contributing to making Quebec City an even better place for everyone.

We are proud to welcome you to our website, and we hope you will find all the information you need to explore our range of vehicles and exceptional services. At Mazda Chatel, we are more than just a car dealership; we are a family committed to providing you with an outstanding automotive experience. Thank you for trusting us, and we look forward to serving you soon.

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