In the heart of Quebec City, Mazda Chatel offers you a car detailing service that promise to improve the appearance of your vehicle. In addition to restoring the natural appearance of your car, our detailing department will help you maximize its overall condition.

Our technicians have an eye for detail and a job well done, which makes Mazda Chatel a logical choice when you think about preserving and protecting the appearance of your Mazda vehicle. Whether you’re thinking about the interior and exterior cleaning of your vehicle, our interior wash and shampoo service, the cleaning of your leather seats, antimicrobial treatment, paint protection and much more, our team is at your disposal and offers you many different packages.

Even more attractive, the resale value of a well-maintained vehicle remains much higher. We carry out various interventions such as colour touch-ups, removal of dents, cleaning and restoration, headlight polishing.

Ask about our detailing services, offered at competitive prices. Rest assured that our service is extremely professional, courteous and reliable.

Mazda Chatel in Quebec City is committed to your satisfaction and to returning your vehicle to you in excellent condition. We use only environmentally responsible quality products and offer you discounts every season. At Mazda Chatel, you will always be satisfied with the results you get. Our special offers allow you to get the best price on all our detailing services.

Come and visit our dealership today for more information or contact a member of our team to book an appointment at your Mazda Chatel dealership in Quebec City. Your vehicle will shine with all its brilliance after visiting our dealership!

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