At Mazda Chatel in Quebec City, our after-sales service is composed of a team of Mazda certified technicians. Since changes are numerous and rapid, Mazda relies on dynamic distance learning training for its technicians, but also and especially in-classroom training. 

Mazda technicians regularly take courses in small groups on the latest innovations and features of the Japanese brand’s new vehicles. They know Mazda products inside out and are equipped to take charge of your vehicle for maintenance or larger repairs.

This all-Japanese way of setting up innovative ways of training and learning clearly encourages exchanges and practice. Thus, our technicians learn quickly in classrooms, at a distance or in practical workshops. 

Thanks to innovative technology, a certified Mazda technician has unlimited daily access to the latest service and repair publications, product and software updates, real-time technical support from Mazda technicians around the world, and the ability to discuss and find optimal solutions live.

Without a doubt, the technicians at Mazda Chatel in Quebec City are not only well equipped to meet customer needs, they also have all the tools they need to offer quality service. Never have Mazda products been as well cared for as they are now.

At Mazda Chatel, our technicians work in a modern environment featuring the latest high-tech equipment. With factory training, our technicians can only serve you better for your regular maintenance or more complete repairs.

The people at Mazda Chatel have your vehicle at heart. All our technicians welcome you and will be pleased to advise you on the maintenance and repairs to come on your vehicle. You are in good hands at Mazda Chatel, because our priority remains your satisfaction at all times. All our repairs are guaranteed, and our team works with meticulous attention to detail to achieve excellence. Entrust us with your vehicle, you can rely on a talented team that loves a job well done!

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