Mazda I-Activsense Explained In Detail

With i-ACTIVSENSE, Mazda vehicles are not only able to warn the driver of potential hazards but also to intervene and avoid a collision. Let's take a closer look at the various driver assistance technologies included in the i-ACTIVSENSE system.

Blind Spot Monitoring

The blind spot monitoring system is capable of warning the driver when a vehicle is in its blind spot, which facilitates lane changes.

Rear Cross Traffic Monitoring

This driver assistance system sounds an audible signal when a vehicle is approaching you perpendicularly when you move backwards. This is especially useful in a parking lot or when you’re not able to see beyond your driveway.

Lane Departure Prevention System

The lane departure prevention system can put your Mazda back on the right track when you deviate from the lane. The system adjusts the steering to return the vehicle to its correct place.

Automatic Braking

Automatic braking applies the brakes for you when an obstacle, such as another vehicle, brakes suddenly in front of you.

Collision Warning System

The collision warning system alerts you before braking automatically. This system warns the driver of potential dangers ahead, such as when another vehicle stops suddenly. If the driver fails to apply the brakes, automatic braking takes over.

This is only an overview of the different technologies offered by the i-ACTIVSENSE system. Contact us today at Mazda Chatel to learn more.