More information on the Mazda I-Activ

Mazda's i-ACTIV system is an AWD technology that uses sensors to check road conditions 200 times per second for optimal traction in all conditions. With i-ACTIV, winter driving can actually be fun.


The Mazda i-ACTIV AWD system is designed to provide optimum traction when the road is wet or snowy. With i-ACTIV, the driver's intentions are taken into account when determining how to distribute power and ensure optimum handling.

i-ACTIV can determine whether the driver seeks to accelerate, the degree of rotation of the steering wheel, and the pressure needed for the brakes. Thus, i-ACTIV knows what the driver wants to do and makes sure to distribute the engine power accordingly to provide an optimal level of control.

In winter, i-ACTIV will detect a loss of grip from the rear wheels and will know to distribute power from the front wheels to the rear wheels so as to maintain the vehicle’s stability. In other words, we get all the benefits of AWD while enjoying reduced fuel consumption when the road is clear.

In addition to optimally distributing power, i-ACTIV is able to detect if the driver is going up a slope and will distribute power accordingly.

In the end, with Mazda i-ACTIV, you get the very best in terms of traction and stability while enjoying precise driving and handling. To learn more about the new i-ACTIV all-wheel-drive system, contact us today at Mazda Chatel.

Posted in On Mar 09, 2019