Mazda's New SKYACTIV-X System Impresses

We are currently in the era of electric and hybrid vehicles. Indeed, it is towards electrification that manufacturers have turned to improve the fuel consumption of their models, a very important criterion for the majority of new vehicle buyers. The exception may be Mazda, but that doesn't mean the Japanese automaker can't offer fuel-efficient vehicles.


Quite the contrary. Except that at the heart of Mazda's philosophy we also find the pleasure of driving. And that’s why Mazda has yet to make the leap to electrification. According to the Japanese manufacturer, a car should be fun to drive, and a hybrid or electric motor will not be able to provide that drivability as a vehicle powered by a gasoline engine might.

Except that this engine must also be fuel efficient to meet the needs of the majority of consumers. So that's the basis of what we know as Mazda's SKYACTIV system.

By making sure to optimize the engine and reduce the weight of various components such as the chassis and gearboxes, Mazda has succeeded in making the gasoline engine more economical while improving its performance. It was SKYACTIV-G. Today we are treated to Mazda's all-new SKYACTIV-X system.

This is essentially the second generation of SKYACTIV at Mazda. But SKYACTIV-X is much more than that. In fact, it is one of the most advanced engines in the world starting with its 16: 1 compression ratio.

Without going into too technical detail, you should know that such a high compression ratio is able to activate the air-fuel mixture in the engine without having to resort to a spark plug. This is similar in principle to a diesel engine and ensures that less gasoline is required and every drop of fuel is optimized.

The net result is much higher torque and better fuel economy, like a diesel engine. Except that Mazda also wanted to make sure that there were no detonations in the engine, so a spark plug is used during the first explosions. Then the compression gets the job done.

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Posted in On Feb 24, 2021