At Mazda, Technology Keeps Evolving

Technology moves fast these days. Very quickly, even. Thanks to a team of dedicated engineers, Mazda continually stays up to date and continues to take the automotive world by surprise with the advent of new systems, each more refined than the last.

Without further ado, here are three Mazda technologies worth checking out.


Now offered in the vast majority of vehicles sold at Chatel Mazda, SKYACTIV technology allows our vehicles to offer better fuel economy and enhanced safety without compromising the pleasure of driving so important to Mazda enthusiasts.

With low-friction powertrains and a higher than average compression ratio, Mazda's SKYACTIV engines are able to get the best out of every drop of gas they use.

SKYACTIV also results in a chassis that is both lighter and more rigid, thereby improving fuel consumption and safety in the event of an impact. The best of both worlds!


Based precisely on SKYACTIV technology, G-Vectoring Control (G-Vectoring Control) allows Mazda products to offer a driving experience unmatched by the competition.

By analyzing the data transmitted by the steering system, the G-force vector control subtly changes the engine torque to provide increased and unified control of the vehicle at all times.

For the driver and other occupants of the vehicle, this results in better stability on the road and increased comfort on board.

Already offered with the Mazda3 as well as with the new 2017 Mazda CX-5, G-force vector control will gradually make its appearance in all models marketed by Mazda in the country.


Always with the aim of obtaining maximum efficiency from its engines and reducing their fuel consumption, Mazda has developed i-ELOOP energy recovery technology.

Normally, a car's engine uses about 10% of its energy to power its electrical circuits. With i-ELOOP, these circuits are kept active by the energy created by friction during braking. The energy is stored by a capacitor and is then distributed as needed.

With the help of i-ELOOP technology, the engines in Mazda vehicles can thus concentrate their efforts on their primary task: propelling the wheels of the car. I-ELOOP thus improves the fuel consumption of Mazda products. And that, no one will complain!

Want to see what SKYACTIV, i-ELOOP and G-force vector control technologies can do? Come see us at Chatel Mazda, we are waiting for you!

Posted in On Aug 25, 2017