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Since the beginning, Mazda Chatel in the heart of Quebec City has been committed to values such as fun at work, integrity, balance and commitment to customers and the community. Mazda Chatel is committed to building long-term relationships with people.

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Mazda Chatel

The evolution that Mazda Chatel has undergone follows the vision of the owner who, with the help of his team, constantly seeks to exceed the expectations of his customers and to continually surprise them. Mazda Chatel is customer-oriented and knows that every interaction with a customer is an opportunity to build relationships. It’s about constantly enhancing the human experience, and it’s the point of convergence between Mazda brand value and customer value.

At Mazda Chatel, a truly expert team welcomes you and guides you through your purchase or lease process. We listen to your requests and advise you according to your needs and budget. Mazda Chatel exists first and foremost to advise you on new and used vehicle models. From your first contact, we bring you real added value because we know our products inside out. We like to pass on our expertise and help you choose the right vehicle.

As the Japanese manufacturer regularly mentions, at Mazda Chatel, we don’t build vehicles for everyone. Everything we create is always designed for a specific driver. Every innovation, every technology and every design element is developed for you. Mazda Chatel is proud to say that the brand’s vehicles are a reflection of every personality.

Our team will give you the ultimate driving experience with the model that best suits your desires. Our group not only has a long track record, it knows how to accompany the customer and offer him the best on the market at the best price in town.

For so many years now, Mazda Chatel has been making its mark in the new and used vehicles market. As Japanese vehicles, they inspire confidence, stand out for their longevity and durability, and are the envy of an entire population in search of innovation, versatility and advanced technology.

At Mazda Chatel, we offer you exceptional service, sound advice, attentive after-sales service and, on top of that, products that meet your expectations. Our team, committed to serving our customers with professionalism, will guide you from the warm welcome, through the establishment of your needs, the presentation of the most advantageous options, to the last details before the delivery of your vehicle.

Mazda Chatel is not a dealer like any other. When you walk in, you immediately know that your experience will be positive from start to finish, because every customer gives us the opportunity to go the distance with them. Every member of the team knows how important the customer is, and what we develop with them is not just an opportunity to sell them a Mazda vehicle, it’s an opportunity to establish a long-term relationship based on trust. As a partner in your success, Mazda Chatel sees the present while building the future!

No matter what you are looking for, a brand new or used vehicle, you can be sure to benefit from the same Mazda quality. Take a look at the range of Mazda vehicles on offer and find the one that’s right for you. Finally, rest assured that with us, every question has an answer, and every problem has a solution. You’ll always enjoy the pure pleasure of driving, just the way you did on your first day.

Experience unique moments with Mazda; come to Mazda Chatel in the heart of Quebec City. A team of professionals awaits you!